Schedule A - Employment for People with Disabilities in the Federal Government
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Schedule A

Non-Competitive Appointing Authorities: Individuals with a disability

Federal Employment Program with Disabilities - Individuals with disabilities (including severe physical disabilities, developmental disabilities and psychiatric disabilities) are eligible for excepted service positions within the federal government and are eligible to apply non-competitively to the agencies' merit promotion announcements. In order to be found eligible to apply to a merit promotion announcement based on a disability "Schedule A" you must have been certified by counselors of State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies or the Department of Veterans Affairs as having a severe disability and as likely to succeed in the performance of the position duties. If you are applying based upon disability "Schedule A" eligibility, at the time of application, you must submit a copy of a letter (dated within the last 12 months) from a State Vocational Rehabilitation Agency, or the Department of Veterans Affairs certifying your eligibility for appointment and your ability to perform the essential duties of the job.

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